So it’s always the same thing whenever I sit down to start a new project.  Am I all written out?  Are the ideas going to come? And if they don’t, what am I going to do?  I’ve spent the past month finishing up (my) final edits on Book 2 and getting ready to send it over to my awesome editor at TWRP, but before I did that, I felt like I had to  get Book 3 at least partly finished.

Honestly, there’s just something about knowing where the story is headed next that gives me a sense of security, because turning it in without knowing what’s going to happen to the characters leaves me anxious.

So I sat down to start Book 3 with a cup of coffee, no plot, no outline, and just a vague notion that Ian and Logan should be in Scotland, maybe finally having that big, fancy wedding they’ve been waiting for.  At least, that’s what Logan would have wanted.

Writing, however, is a sketchy business.  I never quite know how things are going to go.  And therein lies the anxiety.

But last night, hitting about 83,000 words, a decent plotline, a new villian who I couldn’t wait to kill, an ending that didn’t totally suck, and a new romance heading into Book 4, I must say I’m feeling a lot better about this whole writing thing.

For today, at least.

Happy writing!  – L



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