I am so EXCITED!!  Book two in the Banished Gods series, The Moon, releases today!  I can’t wait for you to dive into Celine and Fen’s story- you won’t be able to put it down!  I’ve spent three long years writing these books- I wanted to get the storyline perfect before I release them, so it feels like forever to me since I started this journey.  Celine is an orphan with a tragic past she’s fought hard to escape, Fenrir is an immortal god with no future.

When their lives collide in the most unlikely way, in the most unlikely place, they have to fight the odds to be together.

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Here’s a short excerpt of Fenrir and Celine’s story:

Agony roared through Fenrir. He’d know the truth, the moment he saw Celine’s eyes.

First, they’d fill with fear.

Horror second, and then finally, condemnation.  And then he would lose her forever.

Everything he feared would come true, as everything she feared stood before her.  She’d reject him, and rightly so. He was a monster. Bred to destroy worlds. Raised as nothing more than a doomsday machine.

Born for one purpose and one purpose only, to bring about the end of Asgard, and he’d done so.  Beautifully. Poetically. And with brutal efficiency. As Celine raised her face to his, as he watched the darkness swirl away in those extraordinary eyes of hers, he waited for her to pronounce his fate with a single glance.

Perhaps, he realized, this was the judgement he had always deserved.  The judgement he had escaped when he’d been reborn onto Midgard.  Judgement much keener wielded by the one you love, instead of the one you despise.

And when Celine’s eyes sharpened, when she saw the beast he’d become, the black, matted fur and the fangs so long he could scarcely close his mouth around them, the eyes so dark they were soulless, she moved. Away from him. And then gazed up so she took the whole of him in.  The sheer immensity of him, the sheer monstrosity of him.

Fen stopped breathing completely. So now she knew.

Knew what he’d been trying to hide these weeks from her, and all of these years from himself.

That he was a beast forged in the fires of hell.  That there would be no redemption for him, no happily ever after for them.  Beasts simply did not possess the acumen for such things.  He’d tried, in his stupid, clumsy way, to warn her.  To prepare her.  But nothing prepared you for evil until it stood in front of you in all of its dark glory.

And stand Fenrir did.

Twelve feet tall and almost as wide, towering over Celine’s slight, pale form.

As if in answer, she smiled sadly and shook her head.

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