Today is the day book three in the Banished Gods series releases- and I cannot wait for you to meet Sydney and Mir!  Their magical tale is full of desire and betrayal and love- and will keep you guessing until the very end! Here’s a short teaser:

Beneath the final barrier inside of her, Sydney sensed the endless surge of her magic, the restless powerful energy thrashing, wanting out, out, out.

Still, the melody danced in her veins, the stones singing their aria, her father’s ghostly voice echoing the music, the words in unison to the beats of her heart. Tentatively she pushed, then without another thought, tore straight through the final wall, right into the heart of her magic.

She should be exhausted. She probably was, but when the magic surged through her, filling her up, she was renewed, reborn into a cage of flesh and bone riding high on a power not of this earth.

Not of this universe.

A being capable of terrible things.

Against the darkness of her dimmed, murky vision, the silhouettes of the invading army continued to march past, the stamp of feet, the clash of metal ringing in her ears. But as her magic rose, settled and rose again, it wiped the spiderwebs from her eyes, sharpened her hearing, forged her back together, better than flesh, better than mortal, into something stronger.

But more than even the magic, the music centered her in a way she’d never been before.

The words her father had repeated, a litany strung together became the chain Sydney followed back, until she stood beneath the cold, sickle moon sky watching the Orobus’s horrible invading army march past her, out of the doorway she’d opened, to decimate her city.

But it was with her eyes she watched them.

And with her lungs she breathed.

Curling her hand into a fist, she vowed it would be her magic that would stop them.

For a short time, books 1 and 2- Queen of Swords and The Moon are on sale as well, (for only 99 cents) check them out at these retailers:

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For everyone who has read this series, I thank you from the bottom of my heart- I’ve loved writing these characters, and I couldn’t have done it without you!!  -LA

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