Since I’m not writing like a fiend at the moment, I’ve actually had time to read, and have I been burning through some excellent books!  Here’s a short roundup of my three top books for September:

Famine Laura Thalassa

I mean, you  just can’t go wrong with a book about evil (read : conflicted) immortal gods finding their HEA.  As with all of her books, with one is a wild ride, where you get from the beginning (hated enemies) to the end (lovers forever), and somehow, you totally are on board, despite all the curveballs she throws at you.  This book is a definite five stars.  (And check out her covers- ah-mazing!)


Shadows and Surrender  Deborah Wilde

I’ve been reading this series since it came out (this is the third book), and now I’m caught up! Which is a good thing because the next book is already out. This series has such great humor, along with the most interesting world building I’ve ever read (except maybe Dune). This series comes highly recommended- I gobbled them up.


Razing Hell  Cate Corvin

I’m brand-new to RH (I know…) and loved this book. I guess I’m really drawn to the supernatural, and this angels/demons good vs. evil storyline just sucked me right in. Great writing paired with perfect worldbuilding makes for a book I couldn’t put down until I was done. Then I immediately one-clicked the rest of the series.

Thanks for reading- if you have a favorite or a suggestion, drop me a line, or visit me on Facebook, I’d love to hear from you!!  LA

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