Devil's Cut Immortal Keeper Vampire Series

Devil’s Cut, which is part of the Immortal Keeper series, is coming on January 18th, which is right around the corner! This sexy story will steal your heart <3

To warm up your night, here’s a small taste of Forge and Selena:

“Forge leaned in, close enough his breath was hot against my cheek, and I turned my head, brushing my lips against his. Accident or on purpose, I didn’t know, but I licked my bottom lip, tasting the trace Forge had left behind.

His eyes flared open in surprise, but when they grew darker and I wondered how much worse things were about to get.

I never wanted you to have to see this, but now there’s no avoiding it.

Forge didn’t let go of my hand as he began changing. I realized that whatever I thought I knew about him and his kind, my popcorn version of a vampire had nothing to do with the real thing.

He went from broody and unapproachable to frightening, his eyes growing black, his fangs—something I’d barely glimpsed before—on full display. They had to be an inch long. The planes on his face grew sharper, more defined, until Forge hardly looked human at all. There were dark splotches beneath his skin, but it was those mesmerizing eyes that kept pulling me back. Seeing Forge transform into a monster excited me, and God help me, I loved every minute of it.”

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