Every legend has a beginning. This one starts with a betrayal.

My mother always told me that someday, there’d be hell to pay. I never believed her. Then I died.

A survivor, haunted by her past. A wolf, shackled to his fate. A destiny neither can escape.

Even when you don’t believe in magic, it believes in you.



In a world rocked by war, Hunter must discover why Tyr’s greatest treachery was also his greatest gift.

Thief. Sinner. Saint. 
Lilly Domenic has stolen from the rich. The Famous. The Unsuspecting.

To rise from the ashes—first, you must burn. Once, Gabriella’s deadly skills were for sale to the highest bidder…

Odin never meant to fall in love with a human, didn’t think he had room in his black heart for anything but…