Savage Is My Kingdom

Savage Is My Kingdom is a brand new slow burn, dark fantasy book with enemies to lovers, forbidden love, hot villains and morally gray heroes, available in Kindle Unlimited.

Dark Redemption is spicy vampire romance at its best!!

  Dark Redemption, a spicy vampire romance, is available for preorder! My latest book in the Shadowsend Vampire clan series is set to release on July 31, 2023, and I am so excited to share this latest installment of Ash, Rowan, Darrow and Finn’s story with you guys!! Here’s a spicy snippet to whet your appetites: The second the icy, bluish liquid—I refused to even think of the stuff as Nikolai’s blood—hit my mouth, I knew I was in serious trouble. This stuff tasted like every decadent temptation in the world, all rolled into one. This stuff was sweet...