First of all, thank you for visiting my website!  You’ll find links to all my books and series, along with some sexy excerpts you won’t find anywhere else!

I’ve been fascinated by books since I was born. I have the somewhat dubious distinction of being banned from my elementary school library for asking them on a daily basis to order more books. (I’d read everything they had.)

If you’re like me, then you love to read, and especially love to read sexy urban fantasy and paranormal romances with deep plots and fascinating characters. I first picked up a pen in 2007, after being dared by my youngest to write something over ten pages long. I did (over a hundred thousand words). And I haven’t stopped since.

Here’s the short version of my writing career: Write a terrible memoir of growing up  in the seventies, then write an even more terrible YA adventure story, ala Harry Potter. Give up for a few years and then finally pick up a romance novel (my first since about @1979) and begin writing in earnest.

The longer, boring version is filled with rewrites and computer crashes and nothing very interesting. Trust me!

However, somewhere along the line I managed to produce a couple of things. A sexy gothic vampire series, with a gorgeous jaded Scottish vampire. An urban fantasy series based on Norse mythology (thank you elementary school library for planting the seed). And an offshoot trilogy set in London and New York City.

I’m an In’D’Tale fantasy finalist, and I live at the edge of a national park with my spoiled husband and equally (maybe more, tbh) spoiled German shepherd. I’m a graduate of Kent State University, and belong to the RWA, the FF&PRWA and the NEORWA. I love writer’s conferences, and can’t wait until I can go back!

If you have any question or comments, hit me up via email, or on  Twitter or ig. I’d love to hear from you!

Here are my books on Amazon: L.A. McGinnis author page