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May 22, 2023

Ruthless Liege

Ruthless Liege Cover ArtHi everyone! I am so excited that I have a brand new release!! Ruthless Liege, book two in the Shadowsend Vampire Clan series will go live on May 29th!! This book is a chonky big boi filled with enemies to lovers conflict, forbidden love, revenge, steamy group scenes and all the political/royal house maneuvering you expect from my stories!

Here’s a teaser from Aisling’s POV:

Nikolai met me downstairs, in a fancier version of his usual high-necked coat and black slacks.

He was outlined in a corona of black shadow, not evil, exactly, more like…wicked. Above his head—if I didn’t know any better—floated a crown of shadows, the tips flickering with some black fire.  He looked like the king of night, threatening and forbidding and drop dead gorgeous.

His mask was black as well, from the way it absorbed the light, his was spelled in some way, like mine, nothing visible except for his thick lashed eyes and full lips. I supposed it was just vampire nature to show up to an event like this with as many protections in place as possible, even if you were the most powerful predator in the room.

I gave him the once over, like he was doing to me. “You look appropriately intimidating and deadly.”

“You look beautiful.” His voice dropped an octave, and his power wrapped around me before he dragged me to him, looping his arm through mine. “The dress becomes you.”

Since I couldn’t accept a compliment to save my life, I just snorted. “Let’s go scare some bad people into doing the right thing.”

Finn and Brendan should already be there with a full contingent of Knightsguard, under the guise of extra security for Rowan. Nikolai and I would be a last-minute addition, hopefully arriving exactly on moment before Zachariah and Orpheus announced their alliance in front of the crowd.

I loved ruining people’s well-laid plans, especially when they were pompous assholes.

“I know exactly where we shall materialize.” Nikolai crooned, before cold ripped at my face and I tried not to rub my watering eyes as we flew towards Darkmore House. We landed in the center of the ballroom, Nikolai’s thudding power sending the guests stumbling back, until we were surrounded by a circle of round-eyed vampires, scrambling to get their mental protections in place.

They watched us with fear, shock…loathing.

Nikolai leveled that disdainful stare on them and they shrank back further.

Prey, cowering before an apex predator.

A predator who held my arm as if he owned me—something Rowan did not miss.

* * *

Ruthless Liege is available to preorder at a discount until May 28th HERE.

Ruthless Liege is a steamy #whychoose vampire romance featuring revenge, enemies to lovers snark, forbidden love, touch her and you die vibes, hot villains, fated mates, morally gray men and a king who’s finally met his match.


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