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The Banished Gods

Sexy Romantic Urban Fantasy

Enter a world of ancient magic, where immortal gods collide with a dark god hell bent on destroying the world.

Ruined King


Queen of Swords Cover Art

Book 1

The Moon Cover Art

Book 2

The Priestess Cover Art

Book 3

Death's Daughter Cover Art

Book 4

The Lovers Cover Art

Book 5

The Tower Cover Art

Book 6

The World Cover Art

Book 7

The Banished Gods Boxset 1 Cover Art

Books 1-3 + Novella

The Banished Gods Boxset 2 Cover Art

Books 4-7

The Blackstone Vampire Clan

Slow-Burn Reverse Harem Vampire Romance

Sink your teeth into this steamy vampire romance, where a powerful young witch defies fate to claim her three ancient vampire mates.

IMMORTAL SECRETS: This is a standalone story in the Blackstone Vampire Clan world, and features horned monsters, a wicked High Lady, and all the spice you crave!

Immortal Inheritance Cover Art

Book 1

Book 2

Immortal Vendetta Cover Art

Book 3

Immortal Secrets Cover Art

Book 4

Blackstone Vampire Clan Boxset

Books 1-4

The Darkfell Vampire Clan

Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

A newborn vampire queen, the king determined to kill her, the warriors who will not stop fighting until she’s crowned.

Night Marked

Book 1

Shadow Bound Cover Art

Book 2

Lost Kingdom

Book 3

Iron Queen Cover Art

Book 4

Darkfell Vampire Clan Boxset Cover Art

Books 1-4 + Companion Novella

The Mage Circle Trilogy

Urban Fantasy

In the magical world, the Mage Circle controls everything.
But a small group of defectors are about to bring them down for good.
If they survive.

A breakneck mix of urban fantasy adventure, romantic suspense and sexy shifters, perfect for anyone who loves Deborah Wilde and K.F. Breene.

Seacursed Cover Art

Book 1

Bloodcursed Cover Art

Book 2

Demoncursed Cover Art

Book 3

The Mage Circle Trilogy Boxset

Books 1-3 + Bonus Novella

The Shadowsend Vampire Clan

Steamy Reverse Harem Vampire Romance

The Shadowsend Vampire Clan is a steamy vampire romance series filled with enemies to lovers snark, forbidden love, lost heir vibes, hot villains, fated mates, morally gray men and a curvy heroine determined to fight for the the love she deserves!

Blood Claimed Cover Art

Book 1

Ruthless Liege Cover Art

Book 2

Dark Redemption Cover Art

Book 3

Eternal Legacy Cover Art

Book 4

The Shelton Family Legacy

Slow Burn Romantic Urban Fantasy

Don’t miss this slow burn romantic urban fantasy series with elemental magic, a snarky private investigator, a broody billionaire and a twisty plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Betrayed by Blood Cover Art

Book 1

Devil's Deceit

Book 2

Rogue's Rise Cover Art

Book 3

Wicked Realms

Dark Fae Reverse Harem Romantasy

Wicked Realms is a dark Fae reverse harem romantasy series with elements of forbidden love, found family, fated mates, enemies to lovers, and morally gray men. It features a plot heavy romance with wicked Fae, monsters, and political conflict. There’s also forced proximity with enough spice to keep reading all night long!

Dark is My Exile Cover Art

A prequel novella to Savage Is My Kingdom

Savage is My Kingdom Cover Art

Book 1

Cruel is My Court Cover Art

Book 2

Merciless is My Crown Cover Art

Book 3

The Immortal Keeper Series

Devil’s Cut Cover Art

Book 1