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~Iron Queen~

Is now available!

Life as the Darkfell Queen has its perks.

Two warriors sworn to protect me and my new fated mate warm my bed at night, while powerful magic that obeys my every command. But when my mate is taken away from me, my enemies will learn just how ruthless—and bloodthirsty—this queen can be.

~The Darkfell Vampire Clan series~

Betrayal never looked so good.

In the royal court of the Darkfell clan, it’s every vampire for themselves, and the rise to power is as subtle as it is bloody. After eons under the reign of a monster, the time has come for a new queen. But to ascend, Seraphina must survive a deadly maze of deception in order to kill the king and take back what is rightfully hers. #awhychooseromance

~Shelton Family Legacy series~

Revenge is best served with a side of snark

A down-on-her-luck private investigator faces off with dark government forces when she’s framed for murder and forced to run to New York City, where her own secrets could get her killed.

~The Banished Gods series~

They made her a pawn. She was meant to be a queen.

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