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~Immortal Vendetta~

Releases on August 29, 2022


Five months ago, I found my fated mates, who I love more than life itself. But then life threw me a curveball. Thanks to a magical spell gone awry, now I’m soul-bound to a ruthless vampire with a heart of stone. I want Shane gone, but there’s a catch—he and I have to stay close.

This new arrangement might just be the death of me.

Because when one of us dies, the other will follow.


~Imortal Betrayal~

It was easy to fall in love with Constantine and Robert, simple to leave the human world behind, but impossible to hide my secret. I’m a witch, and the three of us are forbidden to be together, under penalty of death. But when an enemy throws me into the past, I’ll have to fight my way back to my mates.          If I ever get home, I’ll make sure Nathan pays, even if it means using             my black magic.  

~Immortal Inheritance~

Plunged into a forbidden world where blood is power, Logan Dean must embrace her destiny to claim her rightful place in the Blackstone Vampire Clan. But as her adversaries close in, Logan is forced to trust Constantine Darke, even though she’s hiding the secret that will destroy the clan—and Con’s life—forever.

~The Darkfell Vampire Clan series~

Betrayal never looked so good.

In the royal court of the Darkfell clan, it’s every vampire for themselves, and the rise to power is as subtle as it is bloody. After eons under the reign of a monster, the time has come for a new queen. But to ascend, Seraphina must survive a deadly maze of deception in order to kill the king and take back what is rightfully hers. #awhychooseromance

~Shelton Family Legacy series~

Revenge is best served with a side of snark

A down-on-her-luck private investigator faces off with dark government forces when she’s framed for murder and forced to run to New York City, where her own secrets could get her killed.

~The Banished Gods series~

They made her a pawn. She was meant to be a queen.

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