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Eternal Legacy

I made a deal with the devil, AKA Prince Nikolai Isenberg.

Now I owe this savage vampire my life.

And if I’m not careful, he might collect.

All I wanted was to save my beloved clan, not wage war with the oldest, deadliest vampires in existence, but they dragged me into their conflict, now I’m fighting for our survival.

I’ve sacrificed too much already. My friends. My home. My mate.

My world’s been shattered, but the Elders won’t stop until they control me—or leave me ruined. I have one chance to destroy my enemies—by surrendering my heart and my dark magic to the wicked monster sworn to kill me. I’m willing to pay the ultimate price, if giving up my freedom saves everyone I love, but somewhere along the way, I’ll have the vengeance I crave.

That’s a promise I mean to keep.

**Eternal Legacy, the final installment in the Shadowsend Vampire Clan series, is a #whychoose vampire romance featuring enemies to lovers, forbidden love, found family, a hot cinnamon roll MC, hot villains, fated mates, morally gray men and a heroine who fights for the fate she deserves.

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Wicked Realms, my brand new reverse harem Fae romantasy series

Savage Is My Kingdom

Cruel Is My Court

Merciless Is My Crown

Two ruthless kings at war.
A princess with a terrible power.
Four broken warriors sworn to protect her.

**Savage Is My Kingdom is a slow burn dark fantasy #whychoose romance with elements of forbidden love, found family, lost heir, age gap, morally gray men, enemies to lovers, reluctant heroes, plot heavy romance, wicked Fae, monsters, political conflict and forced proximity with enough spice to keep reading all night long.

~The Shadowsend Vampire Clan~

My deepest secret is his darkest temptation.

This reverse harem vampire romance features spicy themes, including sharing, first time, one bed scenarios, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, second chance romance, morally gray MC’s, and found family. 

~Blackstone Vampire Clan~

Magic cost me my past, but can it save my future?

Sink your teeth into this steamy vampire romance, where a powerful young witch defies fate to claim her three ancient vampire mates.

~The Darkfell Vampire Clan~

Betrayal never looked so good.

In the royal court of the Darkfell Clan, it’s every vampire for themselves, and the rise to power is as subtle as it is bloody. To ascend, Seraphina must survive a maze of deception, kill the king and take back what is rightfully hers. 

~The Banished Gods~

They made her a pawn. She was meant to be a queen.

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