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Blood Claimed

The Shadowsend Vampire Clan, Book 1

Seven years ago, I ran away from my fate…
The enemies who wanted me dead,
And my mate, Rowan Forge.

Leaving was the only way to save him—the only way to save our clan—from death.

But the High Council of Vampires found me and dragged me back to the mate I rejected, his brother who despises me, and my best friend, who no longer trusts me. They used to be mine, but I’ve lost them forever.

With my enemies closing in, I’m walking a razor’s edge, compelled to mate Rowan to mend a deadly blood feud between our houses and play the council’s dangerous game.

Forced to keep my darkest secret hidden from the male I love, but can never have—doomed to remain alone, when the men I crave are close enough to touch.

War is brewing, we’re caught in the middle, and my secret’s about to be revealed.

The world can burn. All I care about is whether or not Rowan, Finn and Darrow will be by my side after they discover the truth I’ve hidden from them my entire life.

Blood Claimed is a steamy vampire romance filled with enemies to lovers snark, forbidden love, lost heir vibes, hot villains, morally gray men and a curvy heroine determined to fight for the the love she deserves!

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