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Eternal Legacy

The Shadowsend Vampire Clan, Book 4

I made a deal with the devil, Prince Nikolai Isenberg.
Now I owe this savage vampire my life.
If I’m not careful, he might collect.

All I wanted was to save my beloved clan, not wage war against the oldest, deadliest vampires in existence, but they dragged me into their conflict, now I’m fighting for our survival.

I’ve sacrificed too much already. My friends. My home. My mate.

My world’s been shattered, but the Elders won’t stop until they control me—or leave me completely ruined.
Now my only hope is to trust the dangerous Elder who betrayed me. Nikolai is the only one strong enough to face our enemies, but when distrust blossoms into forbidden attraction, he desires something more.

The vicious vampire wants my heart—and he won’t stop until it’s his.

Eternal Legacy, the final installment in the Shadowsend Vampire Clan series, is a steamy vampire romance featuring enemies to lovers snark, forbidden love, villain gets the girl, fated mates, morally gray men and a heroine who fights for the fate she deserves.

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