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August 17, 2020

Brand New Series Debut!

Seacursed Cover ArtToday is the debut of my brand new series—the Mage Circle Trilogy.  Back before the corona-virus’s debut, I’d envisioned this set of books as an easy, fun beach read, since each can be read easily in an afternoon. Then reality hit and even though the sun is out, the beaches are empty- but I hope you can still find somewhere quiet to curl up and enjoy this newest book!

Here’s an excerpt from Seacursed:

Victoria woke to the stench of burning flesh, the acrid smell burning her sensitive nasal passages.

“I thought a Tracker would have a stronger constitution.” Devlin Bloodbane’s casual, greasy voice cut through her misery. “But I suppose we can’t have everything in life. Stand up, Victoria. Lovely name—Victoria—very English. It reminds me of tea parties and carriage rides.”

Swaying, Victoria rose, not quite daring to meet his gaze.

Devlin the Devourer. Devlin, the monster who lurked in the shadows. Devlin, who dragged his captives to the dungeons, where they were never seen again. And she was trapped in a room with him. The only one left alive, besides him. Except for Lucas, of course, who had somehow managed to burn everyone else to a crisp, then escape.

“Worton bought you, correct?” His gaze slipped down to the iron bands around her wrists. She managed the slightest nod. “Lucky man. I’ll assume he never took full advantage of his privilege, did he? Desiccated old fool. Well, my darling Victoria, your life has just changed drastically.” Now she did look in his eyes, if only because she was so horrified that she couldn’t help herself.

“You have a new master now, so get yourself cleaned up, come down to the catacombs and allow me to explain how things will be.”

He turned away and left her, alone with the steaming, burned corpses, alone in the room where everything had gone so wrong. Victoria glared at Worton’s black, smoking body on her way out.

And decided even such a horrible death wasn’t gruesome enough for him.

* * *

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