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Cruel is My Court

Wicked Realms, Book 2

They were right to call me a thief.
I stole the king’s magic and made his power mine.

The day I claimed the magic, I was cursed by an ancient prophecy, binding me to four others—a beastly gambler, an honorable slave, the Shadow King’s deadly general and a mysterious aristocrat.

Every time I use my new power, we’re tangled more tightly togethe. Now our survival hinges on us outwitting the cunning Old Gods who brought us together in the first place. They say our curse is unbreakable, that we’re doomed to become monsters like them, but I don’t believe their lies.

All I know is, we’re the only ones standing between our world and the dark magic prophesied to destroy it. There is nothing I won’t do to save my males.

And they’ll burn this world to the ground to protect me.

I say, let the biggest monsters win.

Cruel Is My Court is a dark Fae fantasy romance with elements of forbidden love, found family, fated mates, enemies to lovers, reluctant heroes, featuring plot heavy romance with Fae, monsters, and political conflict.

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