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Savage is My Kingdom

Wicked Realms, Book 1

Two ruthless kings at war.
A princess with a terrible power.
Four broken warriors sworn to protect her.

When I was dragged from my home by the Fae King’s vicious enforcer, I left my old life as a slave behind to become a pawn in an ancient game between two powerful brothers, possessing a stolen magic that could break apart kingdoms. Or forge a new one.

But I have a secret.

I can make this power mine, by sacrificing my most precious possession.

My innocence.

While ruthless males go to war over this terrible magic I never asked for, there is only one future for me. Claim the power, take the throne, become the queen this realm deserves. The closer I grow to my beautiful warriors, I discover I have more to lose than ever before.

Some say love conquers all, but our dark bond could leave this wicked realm in ruin.

Savage Is My Kingdom is a slow burn dark fantasy #whychoose romance with elements of forbidden love, found family, lost heir, age gap, morally gray men, enemies to lovers, reluctant heroes, plot heavy romance, wicked Fae, monsters, political conflict and forced proximity with enough spice to keep reading all night long.

* * *

Trigger Warnings:

  • Attempted SA of the heroine (outside the harem)
  • Torture of the heroine
  • Graphic Violence
  • Graphic / Adult Language
  • Discussions of death and war
  • Recommended for 18+ audience

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