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Dark is My Exile

Wicked Realms, A prequel novella to Savage Is My Kingdom

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Dark Is My Exile is an introduction to my Wicked Realms series, and is a fast burn dark romantasy #whychoose romance with elements of forbidden love, found family, morally gray men, plot heavy romance, wicked Fae, and political conflict with enough spice to keep you reading all night long.

One week ago, I saw the future, and it was filled with fire and ruin.

Worst of all, I forsaw the death of the most powerful male in Caladrius.

A terrible prophecy that changed the course of my life, and endangered the men I love. They’ve sworn to protect me, but in this wicked realm, such promises are doomed to be broken. Now we’re playing a dangerous game with the ruthless Fae King, who keeps me prisoner in his palace, using me to chart the course of his unending war against his brother.

As our enemies close in from all sides, one mistake is all it takes to put us in danger and send us on the run. But there is no cheating fate, and even the greatest sacrifice of all won’t save us from what destiny has planned.

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