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Shadow Bound

The Darkfell Vampire Clan, Book 2

For a hundred years, a queen was promised.
Now that she’s arrived, war is not far behind.

Everything in the Darkfell Clan world puts you at risk. From the twisted king determined to kill me, to the demonic revenants hunting me down, it seems everyone wants me dead.

Lucky for me I’ve found powerful allies—a sexy warrior with a heart of gold, an arrogant trickster who’s as good with a knife as he is with words, and a reclusive ancient whose wounds run too deep to heal.

Our love makes us strong, but it could become the lever that breaks us apart.

I didn’t want a war, but when Viktor takes something that’s mine, he needs to learn the truth.

I’ll kill to save the ones I love.

New Orleans is about to become very bloody.

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