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Queen of Swords

The Banished Gods, Book 1

They say death is the end.
In my case, it was only the beginning.

Demons killed my family, now I’m waging a one-woman war against the monsters. My body count is growing—but so is theirs—as human disappearances increase by the day.

But the monsters got the better of me.

When I wake up in an infirmary run by a band of immortals, I discover I’m not the only one fighting the demons, and they aren’t very happy I’ve been hunting in their territory.

Note to self: Never get on the bad side of an immortal god, they hold a grudge foreeeveeer.

Now I’m juggling my demon killing nights against my growing attraction for the sinfully sexy Loki, staying one step ahead of Odin, and out of the reach of Hel, who wants to add me to her collection of souls.

But when Odin and Hel decide to use me as a pawn in their immortal game of chess, I have to forge an alliance with Loki to stay alive, and not lose my heart in the process.

Finalist in The Paranormal Romance Guild’s 2020 Reviewer’s Choice Awards for best urban fantasy novel and series — Queen of Swords is paranormal romance with a splash of demons

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