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The Banished Gods Boxset 2 Cover Art


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The Banished Gods Boxset 2

The Banished Gods, Books 4-7

Romance. Revenge. Betrayal.

Banished to Earth, the Norse gods are jaded, pissed off and tired of immortality. If they had it their way, they’d go out in a blaze of glory. But Fate has different plans for them. After an eternity in the Void, an evil god has escaped his prison and is coming to destroy them.

They thought they were invulnerable, but the God of Chaos has discovered their weakness.


One by one, they fall for mortal women— a warrior, a scientist, a survivor—binding them to this world, and giving them something to lose. Every sexy story will pull you deeper into their magical universe, and as the stakes get higher, the only question is, how far will they go to protect the women they love?

Steamy paranromal romance wiht a splash of demons, these books are perfect for readers who love plot heavy fantays romance. Dive into this epic Paranormal Romance series and lose yourself in a fantasy world.

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