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The Priestess

The Banished Gods, Book 3

Even if you don’t believe in magic,
It believes in you.

Sydney Barrows never expected to get rich as an archeologist.
But when the world crashes down around her, Sydney goes from
digging up the dead to almost becoming one of them.

To survive, she’ll have to join forces with a group of immortal gods sent here as punishment for their sins.

Except contacting them is pretty much a death sentence, and they’re her only hope.

Locked away in a stone fortress, a rogue band of warriors are all that stands between a dark god’s destruction and humanity’s survival. When Sydney and Mir’s worlds collide, the sexy God of Wisdom awakens her powers in ways she never dreamed possible. Together, they must race against time to uncover the secret of Sydney’s past before her magic destroys everything she loves.

This is the third installment of the Banished Gods series, and this full-length book includes sexy immortal gods, witches, explicit love scenes, magical enchantments, a dash of violence and plenty of sassy banter.

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