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November 14, 2023

Cruel Is My Court—Coming on November 20, 2023!!

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Hi guys!

I just finished uploading my newest release to Amazon and cannot wait for you to read this next installment in the Wicked Realms romantasy series!

Cruel Is My Court brand is a new romantasy book release and I filled this story with all the reverse harem tropes you love, including enemies to lovers, age gap romance, one bed scenarios, hot villains, found family and fated mates, as well as tons of political intrigue and deep emotional connections between the characters.

Here is a spicy excerpt to whet your appetites:

This bedroom had once been as grand as any in the Fae King’s palace or the Shadow King’s Keep. Now moonlight streamed in through the holes in the motheaten drapes, dust motes floating in the silvery beams.

“At least there’s a real bed,” I whispered against Raz’s lips, pulling out both his daggers and dropping them to the floor with a thud that echoed through the entire castle. My other hand slid beneath his shirt, my fingers greedily caressing warm muscle and skin.

“I’ve definitely slept in worse places,” he agreed, urging me to lift my foot so he could slip the knife out of my boot before he worked open my jacket. He palmed my breast with a soft laugh and I swayed when his teeth clamped down on my earlobe. Then I was trying to tug his shirt out of his pants so I could touch more of him, my fingers tracing every divot of his taut stomach, the line of hair that disappeared into the front of his pants.

He groaned, and I lost myself in the sound of pure pleasure.

“Gods, I missed you all day.” He moved us closer to the bed, my heart skittering with every brush of his mouth, his exploring fingers. I cupped him through his pants, the hardness I couldn’t wait to have filling me.

“Fuuuck, Anaria. I won’t last if you keep doing that.” Raz claimed my mouth, fast and hard, giving and domineering at the same time. I wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and met his tongue stroke for stroke until the day’s pent-up aggravation flared.

I broke away, panting slightly.

“I would have rather been riding with you and Tristan than trapped in that carriage with Tavion.”

“Oh, I know.” His grin didn’t have an ounce of apology, and I caught his bottom lip between my teeth with a low growl. Then his tongue was in my mouth, and I forgot what I was angry about. I only knew how good he tasted.

“You realize this could be our last chance for a while.” Raz stripped off my jacket, and we became a flurry of hands and lips and primal pleasure until cold mountain air chilled my skin everywhere except where I was pressed up against him.

I couldn’t get close enough.

“Then we’ll have to make tonight count.” I hissed when his hands cupped my arse, the bulge of his cock pressed against my already damp core. Laying my hands on his shoulders, wishing we could somehow close the distance between us. But those spikes were already an inch from my face, and deadly sharp.

“You are going to feel me between your legs all day tomorrow.” His voice had lost all humor. All that was left was a raw, dominating hunger that left me dizzy. “I want to smell you all over me, because that’s the only fucking way I’m going to stay sane.”

Yes. That’s what I wanted too, my hands touching him everywhere, trying to memorize the shape of him, every divot and valley. I ran my hands down his back, up his ridged abdomen, his broad chest, pausing on his collar, the iron ice-cold beneath my fingers.

He rasped in my ear. “Godsdamn, I need to be inside you right now. I can’t wait any longer. Hang on tight.” He cupped my arse and lifted me, my legs parting. The head of his cock prodded my entrance, then he slid me slowly down his body, sinking in deeper and deeper, until my hips were flush against his. I caught my breath at the delicious punch of pressure as his girth stretched me wide.

“Oh my gods. You feel so good inside me, Raz.” I pressed my mouth to the base of his throat, trying to keep quiet. The castle was so silent, every little sound seemed amplified. I grinned. “So…big.”

“Such a sweet talker. You feel like fucking heaven, princess.” His teeth sank into my shoulder, and the sound that came out of my mouth…

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” he whispered, fingers digging into my arse as he walked us over to the bed. “I fucking love the sounds you make, Anaria. Sometimes, just thinking about them makes me so fucking hard…”

We fell to the bed in a tangle, and I savored this sensation of falling and falling and yet…being held so safely in his arms.

Then my back hit the mattress.

The bed squealed like a dying cow, rending the silence in half, the shriek echoing down the hall and through the entire castle like a den of banshees.

We froze, my cheek—my entire body—pressed flush against him as I strained for the thudding of boots, the sound of voices outside our door.

Maybe they were all still drinking. Maybe they hadn’t…

Of course they’d heard us.

People all the way over in Varitus had heard us.

I bit my lip. “Oh my gods, Raz. What the…They can’t know what we’re doing up here. They can’t.” Gods, I was going to die from embarrassment.

“Then you’d best put your hand over your mouth.” He pushed into me and the springs squealed again, louder than before, if that was even possible. The situation was so ridiculous we started laughing at the same time. I was pinned beneath him—couldn’t have moved if I’d wanted—both of us naked, and once I started…I couldn’t stop.

“Oh my gods, why is this bed so loud?” I giggled, my body quaking with laughter, every movement making the bed squeal, his cock impaling me deeper.

Kind of a good news bad news sort of situation.

I groaned. “Tomorrow will be the most humiliating day ever.”

“There’s always the floor.” Raz eyed the faded rug doubtfully. “But we have to get out of this bed first.” He braced his arm behind my back and went to stand up, but only succeeded in angling his hips, causing a jolt of pleasure to spear through me. My moan turned into a giggle when the bed squeaked like a rusty spring.

“Fuck this. I’m standing up, and it’s going to be loud as fuck. You ready, princess?”

I nodded, gripping his tanned, wide shoulders, though I could barely hang on, I was laughing that hard. “At least try to be quiet,” I warned, leaning my forehead into his, praying we didn’t alert the entire house. “Or as quiet as you can possibly be.”

“Here we go.” Raziel heaved to his feet, the bed squealing like a stuck piglet before the room went blessedly silent except for my insane giggling as he strode across the floor, my legs still wrapped around his waist. Then my back was flat to the wall, his lips tracing my neck, and I lost myself to him.

* * *

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If you are new to the series, check out Savage is My Kingdom, the first book in the Wicked Realms series!


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