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Immortal Betrayal

The Blackstone Vampire Clan, Book 2

It was easy to fall in love with Constantine Darke, the vampire king.

I’m head over heels for Robert Lockhart, my fiercest protector, and my best friend. Our fates were bound together long ago, and they will not be broken. But we’re hiding something from the rest of the Blackstone Clan.

I’m a witch.

An outsider.

The enemy.

And someone has discovered my secret. Now I’m trapped in the past, and my only hope is Constantine and Robert—except these are not the civilized vampires I love—they’re savage, bloodthirsty strangers. To make it home, I’ll have to win over these dangerous males, and convince them that we love each other—two hundred years in the future.

And once I get back, I’ll use every weapon I have—including forbidden black magic—to make my enemy pay.

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