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Immortal Vendetta

The Blackstone Vampire Clan, Book 3

Constantine Darke was everything I ever wanted in a mate. Wild. Ruthless. Untamable.
Robert Lockhart was everything I ever needed. Steadfast. Loyal. Devoted.
And Shane? Shane’s become my very worst enemy.

Five months ago, I found my fated mates, two powerful vampires sworn to protect me. But then life threw me a curveball. Thanks to a magical spell gone awry, now I’m soul-bound to a ruthless killer with a heart of stone. I want Shane out of our lives, but there’s a catch—he and I have to stay close. Like really close.

This new arrangement might just be the death of me.

Because if one of us dies, the other will follow.

I’ll never give up my males, but to take my rightful place in this world, I’ll have to embrace my new found power, sever the unholy bond between me and Shane, and refuse to bow to those who wish to break me. It’s us against the world, and I’m not planning to lose.

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