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Immortal Secrets

The Blackstone Vampire Clan, Book 4

I’ve vowed revenge on Lord Lennix Favian.
The male who took my innocence and destroyed my life.
The monster who’s dying to put a baby in my belly.

Every ten years I get a chance to end his reign of terror and this time, I will not fail.

Lennix thinks he owns me, but I will take away everything he loves, and when I return home, it will be with his head dangling from my hand.

But I didn’t count on two things:
Darius, who rescues me after my murder attempt goes awry.
Ronan, whose addictive bedroom games keep me coming back for more.

Our cat and mouse match with Lennix has only just begun, and I don’t intend to lose. Not when Darius and Ronan have so much to teach me. And I can’t wait to learn.

This is a standalone story in the Blackstone Vampire Clan world, and features horned monsters, a wicked High Lady, and all the spice you crave!

* * *

Trigger Warnings:

  • Attempted SA of the heroine
  • Consent / Non Consent with heroine
  • Graphic Violence
  • Graphic / Adult Language
  • Bondage and darker sexual themes
  • Recommended for 18+ audience

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