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Immortal Inheritance

The Blackstone Vampire Clan, Book 1

Constantine Darke was the altar I wanted to sin on.
A beautiful predator I’d make mine,
Even that meant giving my heart away.

I came to Charleston to claim an inheritance, not fall for a brutally handsome stranger wrapped up secrets, but the more I’m drawn into Con’s dark, mysterious world, the more fascinated I become. Then there’s Robert Lockhart, whose kindness has drawn me out of the shadows, after nine years on the run.

When an old stalker resurfaces, I’m forced to trust these two strangers to keep me safe, only to be immersed in a savage world of ancient blood feuds and death curses. I always thought vampires were just a legend, but my enemies are no longer human. They’re faster than me, they’re stronger than me, and they have fangs.

But I have magic.

And I have a score to settle.

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