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Whether you’re looking for spicy reverse harem, steamy paranormal romance or fierce dark fantasy, you’ve come to the right place to satisfy all your happily ever afters!

Merciless Is My Crown 4/29/24!

Eternal Legacy Print & Ebook Cover Art
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A defiant princess cursed with a terrible power.
Four loyal warriors sworn to protect her.
A bond that will only be broken by death.

From the day I was born a slave, I’d dreamed of saving this wicked realm.

I had the courage, but lacked the power. Now everything has changed. I claimed the ancient Fae magic, destroyed the Fae King and altered the course of this bloody, endless war. Now I have a new, mortal enemy—the ruthless Shadow King.

I ‘ll never stop fighting, but my adversaries have grown stronger. Crueler. Monstrous.

They won’t stop until we all have collars around our necks and are on our knees.

To protect the men I love, I’ll forge an alliance with the traitorous High Seer and betray every vow I’ve ever made, because there is only one way to prevent the stolen magic from corrupting me and my bonded warriors.

They may have trapped me here, but once they discover my secret, the Old Gods will find out they are no match for this wicked Fae queen.

**Merciless Is My Crown is a fantasy romance with elements of forbidden love, found family, lost heirs, fated mates, enemies to lovers, reluctant heroes, plot heavy romance, Fae, monsters, political conflict and betrayal.

Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Wicked Realms is my brand new Dark Fae Reverse Harem Romantasy series!

Wicked Realms has elements of forbidden love, found family, fated mates, enemies to lovers, and morally gray men. It features a plot heavy romance with wicked Fae, monsters, and political conflict. There’s also forced proximity with enough spice to keep reading all night long!

Dark is My Exile Cover Art

A prequel novella to Savage Is My Kingdom

Savage is My Kingdom Cover Art

Book 1

Cruel is My Court Cover Art

Book 2

Merciless is My Crown Cover Art

Book 3