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September 7, 2020

Bloodcursed Release Plus a FREE Book!

Bloodcursed Cover ArtBLOODCURSED is out today, and I can’t wait for  you guys to read this second installment in the Mage Circle Trilogy!!

Here’s a little teaser of Eden and Kieran:

Eden reached back to rinse the soap from her hair and heard the slide of the glass door, then two hands appeared out of nowhere to help her. With her eyes squeezed tight, the glide of Kieran’s fingers working against her scalp was heavenly, especially when he added more shampoo. The smell mixed with the steam as he massaged it through her hair.

Part of her was relaxing into Kieran’s unhurried touch, while a whole other part was wondering what in the hell she was doing. She realized hadn’t taken any of her meds in…two days now. Usually they settled her, calmed her down. But they didn’t hold a candle to how she felt right now. And that was before Kieran’s teeth nipped her shoulder, followed by the press of soft lips to ease the burn.

When he bit her again, she slapped a hand to the tile, stifling a cry. His lips sliding up her neck, the feel of water dripping down her body, his hands wound in her hair, all combining to tip her over the edge. And he’d hardly even touched her yet.

* * *

Pick up your copy today!

To celebrate my new release, SEACURSED is free today on Amazon:



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